We are a design firm with a strong 20 years of history as a healthcare specialist, who manufactures in Australia and globally distributes essential patient transport and procedure stretchers. Our partnership with Mid Central Medical, a quality medical equipment manufacturer based in the United States, ensures smooth delivery and after sales support across the nation, through a network of specialized distributors.

We’re specialists. We’ve delivered patient transport and procedure solutions to support an entire cross-section of healthcare - from the smallest clinics to the largest facilities. Some of the Industries we have helped are; 

Emergency Rooms, Outpatient Surgery, Eye Hospitals and Bariatric Surgery.

If you’re a healthcare professional, we’ve got you covered.

An ongoing commitment to exploration and evolution.

We know that to make nursing easier we need to be constantly finding new ways to deliver solutions. We’re excited about reinvention and curious about what’s next, and our team is focused on anticipating the needs of the market, so we can offer healthcare professionals the products and the support you need before you even know you need it. You are backed by personalised service as we design for the best in life.

Elevating the individual and uniting the community.

People come first at Modsel – whether that be our team, the healthcare professionals that use our products or the patients they serve, we’re focused on fostering a culture that nurtures, inspires and enables everyone to play their essential role with confidence. United by a shared vision to have the right equipment for every nurse, we come together as a community to provide market-leading healthcare products and a commitment to service and quality that promotes exceptional care.

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