"Robots are great at many things, nursing care isn't one of them"
"Emergency stretchers with a reliability that gives you control"
"Specialists in general purpose stretchers for your facility"
"A NEW patented solution taking the ‘nuisance factor’ out of Emergency X-Rays"
"Theatre & Day Surgery stretchers empower procedure outcomes"
"Solid and stable 500kg heavy lift chair for better Bariatric care"

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"Trusted healthcare products, made for trusted healthcare professionals"

We are a design firm that manufactures custom medical equipment at scale for the largest to smallest sized facilities. At Modsel, we believe in healthcare professionals and value the essential work that you do, which is why we focus on creating healthcare products and promises that put you in control. Everything we do starts with healthcare professionals in mind and we are dedicated to earning your trust by delivering custom medical equipment manufactured for the system and world that you work in. To allow you to focus on the patients that need you, our products are designed to make nursing easier.