Bariatric Bed and Medical Stretcher

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Our bariatric medical beds are designed for large and heavy patients. We've focused on larger, reinforced frameworks, and electronics with increased weight capacity. We also have patient weigh scale and powered-drive options.

Carefully designed bariatric beds

All of our bariatric patient beds are designed with robust, durable components, offering a range of features including electric operation and extra-wide frames. Versatile in use, these designs are perfect for a long list of healthcare-related applications.


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Key Features

  • Durability: Our bariatric stretchers are made from high-quality materials that ensure they can handle higher weight capacities.

  • Comfort: Designed with patient comfort in mind, our stretchers feature padded surfaces and adjustable settings.

  • Safety: Equipped with side rails and locking mechanisms to ensure patient safety during transport.

  • Mobility: Easy to manoeuvre, these stretchers are ideal for navigating through medical facilities.

Use Cases

Bariatric stretchers are essential in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and patient transport services. They ensure that bariatric patients receive the care and support they need in various medical settings.