"Caring for patients is challenging enough"
We want to provide equipment that you can rely on to work smoothly for many years
"No two facilities are exactly the same"
So we ensure our range of equipment can be customised to suit each environment and business case
"Our experience ranges from small clinics to large hospitals"
We work with State Government and Private Healthcare groups
"Realistically priced parts able to be shipped overnight"
We work closely with maintenance teams to ensure that your investment performs at maximum utilisation

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Helping the NUM's

We design equipment relevant to the department needs with adequate training, productivity and safety...

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Is maintenance important?

It is to us - the service life of your products is far greater than the initial purchase...

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Removing procurement risk

Minimal downtime, lower cost of ownership, compliance and warranty - all words that we understand...

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"Allowing you to focus on the serious business of healthcare"

Modsel design, manufacture and export patient transport and procedure stretchers. Our designs are engineered to reduce impact, prevent injury and increase comfort for both the patient and the healthcare team. This means our equipment is reliable and helps teams achieve higher productivity safely. By working closely with hospitals, and health professionals and listening carefully to design feedback, we have created a range that is honest, valued and supported long term. We are Australian manufacturers with a deep background in equipment design and manufacturing and can leverage from our history as Select Patient Care. We work with our distributors to strike a balanced approach that takes into account your immediate need as well as the life time cost of ownership, including parts and ongoing maintenance.