"We research and innovate every day to make nursing easier"
"Specialists in general purpose stretchers for your facility"
"Emergency stretchers with a reliability that gives you control"
"A new stretcher mattress design that you can trust"
"Overcome your harsh environment with Aqua shower trolleys"
"Faster and more compact rounds of your IT equipment"

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What makes safe and efficient patient handling a critical skill?

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“The moment when you want to quit is the moment when you need to keep pushing”

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How putting people first becomes a culture…

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"Trusted healthcare products, made for trusted healthcare professionals"

At Modsel, we believe in healthcare professionals and value the essential work that you do, which is why we focus on creating healthcare products and promises that put you in control. Everything we do starts with healthcare professionals in mind and we are dedicated to earning your trust by delivering custom medical equipment manufactured for the system and world that you work in. Our products are designed to make nursing easier, allowing you to focus on the patients that need you most.