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Stretcher Chairs


Contour Recline

A versatile chair to streamline medical procedures and recovery across many healthcare facilities.


Contour Recline Vertex

A procedure chair with accurate head positioning and clear access for Eye, ENT, Plastics or Dental.


Chair IV Pole

Height adjustable, non-rotational pole that fits all four corners of the chair and with under-top storage option.


Foot Board

A removable board that locks into a padded foot rest or folds out for extra length as a leg support.


Meal Tray

Tough tray constructed from medical grade plastic, molded with cup and meal positions.


Padded Armrests

Thick clip-on pads to soften the dropside armrests.


Shoulder Support

Lightweight removable frame with thick pads to fill in the corners outside of the Vertex headrest for pillow support.


Wrist Support

Sturdy support that mounts onto the end of the Vertex headrest and is height adjustable.



Contour Classic

The most flexible custom design platform available for a transport and recovery stretcher.


Stretcher IV Pole

Include a standard removable or fold down IV Pole with your stretcher.


Stretcher Mattress

High grade mattress with excellent durability and pressure relieving comfort for patient stretchers.


Dropdown Foot Board

Padded fold-down foot board to increase the length of the patient surface.