Celebrate your creativity!

Friday, 1 October, 2021

Did you know that innovation is happening right now within your workplace?

Nursing as a field is propelling forward with advancements and we are here to celebrate that with you. By keeping our eyes, ears and minds open we can work alongside our healthcare professionals to manufacture and revolutionize new products designed by you!

To meet your special requirements the new Contour Recline Vertex was designed in the image of a healthcare professionals demand for a procedure chair that could offer accurate head positioning and clear access for EYE, ENT, Plastics or Dental.

  • With ultra-thin headrest design for best surgeon access
  • Choose from a flat or scalloped head cushion
  • 660Lb weight capacity
  • Removable mattress for easy cleaning to meet infection control standards

In this fast-paced, ever-evolving, and challenging industry we understand the need for functionality, reliability, and simplicity. This continues to drive us to always listen to every nurse at every opportunity and to always be restless in our approach to creativity and innovation in our designs. So, customize your products by changing the colour of the base or adding an extra accessory. Our products can be tailored to be exactly what you need and just when you think it cannot be done…

We say, why not?


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