Outstanding service. Outstanding you.

Monday, 31 May, 2021

We understand that in the healthcare industry unexpected incidents can occur with equipment, hence why we offer outstanding aftersales service and support on all our products, reducing those long periods of downtime where your equipment is out of commission and can no longer provide quality patient care.

This is what we aim to prevent, no matter what!

It has never been more critical to feel supported in the healthcare industry, you need to know that at any time a problem seems like it can’t be fixed, a helpful solution is just a phone call away. Our friendly staff are always happy to help, and our enthusiastic sales team are diligent when it comes to equipment breakdowns. We have many tools at our disposal to solve even the most peculiar of situations, no matter how small, big or unusual the situation is our team of out-of-the-box thinkers and innovators will come up with the answers you seek. We customize, design and products that we stand-by, to support our nurses in providing exceptional patient care. We have seen our Contour Recline Barituff embraced by the market. The unique style of this stretcher offers a variety of solutions for problems that could arise when handling larger patients.

  • Stronger and wider top for ultimate patient comfort
  • Premium, removeable mattress cushions
  • Multi-purpose treatment and transfer chair for ER, OR surgery, treatment rooms and medical clinics
  • Choice of armrest colors for easy identification

There is no job to big or small that our team can’t handle, if it ensures the long-life value of a product and can help you continue the hard work, we know is put into healthcare every day. Then we promise to continue to support our professional healthcare workers in all the ways we can. So, that at the end of the day you know you have done your job and we have done ours by helping to ensure that

Nursing is made easier for you.
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