When Are We Good Enough?

Wednesday, 19 February, 2020

Why are we restless? That’s what we keep asking ourselves and the answer always seems to be that nothing is ever good enough. Without a doubt, there is always more that we can do with our products to make nursing easier.

Our ears are wide open.

We listen to every nurse at every opportunity and want to hear what they have to say. This is what has driven our designs to what we have today. Sure, we may not have spent large sums of resource for cool ‘plastic’ looking products, but what we are told over and over is that our products are 100% functional workhorses, easy to maintain and they outlast most others. To keep that positive feedback flowing though, we must find the balance between what changes nurses need in a challenging environment to make their work easier, and how to make each change live up to the hard work it is going to be subjected to.

We design and build, test rigorously (nurses still manage to sometimes break it), and we design again. This endless cycle coupled with the knowledge that working lives can only ever be improved is why we can never be satisfied in what we deliver.

So keep up your constructive feedback and we’ll keep up the exploration!

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