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Take a load off: help for nurses

We know busy nurses are under the pump in ensuring everyone under their care gets the best they can offer at any given time. Even with the best planning and equipment available sometimes there are situations that require rapid problem solving with limited time and available equipment

Modsel’s products have been designed to help nurses and nurse unit managers achieve increased patient care and comfort, whilst minimising work-related injuries.

In the US, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that there are 75 lift-related injuries for every 10,000 full-time hospital workers and 107 injuries for every 10,000 workers at nursing homes and residential facilities. Hospital rates are nearly twice the national average for all industries in the US and nursing homes rates are nearly three times as high.

Where possible at Modsel, we are looking for innovative ways to help you take a load off and let equipment designed to support you and the patient do the heavy lifting.

Our stretchers, chairs and trolleys are powered by our well proven cordless rechargeable battery system, lasting many days of normal use and charged via a retractable cable which helps to save time and prevent accidental damage in emergencies. In very busy or remote areas and outdoor transfers we still have our hydraulic options, for maintenance simplicity.

Nurses have told us how much time is wasted searching for patients belongings when stored separately to their bed, so we have designed our stretcher bases to allow for ample storage of personal items.

Doctors and the x-ray teams have a swift job to do in determining what the exact cause of an injury may be and need swift support in arriving at that position. By using fully translucent tops and backrests as standard, it allows x-rays to be performed without the requirement to transfer patients, thus reducing time and risk of injury.

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