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Price vs Maintenance: the knockout challenge in Total Cost of Ownership

High quality patient care is the goal of every healthcare provider regardless of size. Maintaining a compliant environment is also high on the list of priorities for healthcare managers who also face challenges to lower costs without compromising on patient care.

With reduced funds available, all spending must be closely evaluated to ensure that the organisation is doing everything possible, with every purchase to maintain high quality patient care.

By taking a broader, total cost of ownership approach to larger purchases, such as patient beds and transport trolleys and equipment, hospital administrators are able to see where the hidden costs can eat into future budgets.

By building robust patient stretchers and chairs that last beyond their estimated life cycle, Modsel ensure that their design, service and support meet the ever increasing stringent tests for total cost of ownership.

One of Modsel’s Directors, Darren Rowland sees many models in use during travels around Australian hospitals, clinics and day surgeries.

“Being reliable in a medical environment, far beyond the contracted term is what we aim for – as we see that being incredible value for our clients” he said.

“I see many of our models still in use as they have stood the test of time, been regularly maintained and prove that good purchasing takes into account the long term costs involved – as well as the accessories that make them so useful and practical for the various departments.”

“We work with maintenance teams or external maintenance providers to ensure our stretchers and chairs are out and about in use, and not hidden away waiting on parts.”

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