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What’s the point of a Modsel product?

From a maintenance point of view our products need to be reliable, being such critical pieces of healthcare equipment. 

Equipment failure can become expensive due to potentially lost revenue, productivity loss, staff and carers not able to do their job properly as there is less equipment available and the administrative cost to coordinate ongoing repairs, even the payment of overtime due to lack of equipment.

Maintenance teams need to know that there will be support during each stage of the equipment’s life in the hospital. At Modsel we offer ongoing support for all our equipment by providing service teams information and factory backup.

One of Modsel’s Directors, Lester Rowland thinks the availability of parts and fair costs are key to keeping expensive equipment in circulation.

 “A cheaper product that is hard to service due to waiting months for parts from overseas is of no value to a busy department” he said.

“At Modsel spare parts are readily available and can mostly be sent overnight.”

This means that our stretchers, procedure chairs and trolleys spend as much time optimised on the ward, and not in maintenance waiting for parts.

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