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Emergency Stretcher Beds

In a trauma department, we understand that reliable equipment is critical because it increases patient throughput, improves operating costs and helps keep you in control. We provide emergency stretchers and recovery trolleys that work with your current staff systems and easily adapt to technology upgrades, so you’re always covered.


Theatre Trolleys & Day Stretchers

We know it's a challenge to balance surgeon requirements, carer functionality and patient comfort. Whatever the procedure, our recovery beds are carefully designed to maintain this balance, while allowing necessary patient access and effective use of space.


General Purpose Stretchers

We are medical bed suppliers building patient transport stretchers that not only cater to your department’s operational efficiency, but also to your workload and safety. Our stretchers are designed to last and are a long-term, safe investment.


Bariatric Stretchers

The medical beds are designed for large and heavy patients, we've focused on larger, reinforced frameworks, and electronics with increased weight capacity. We also have patient weigh scale and powered-drive options.


Dropside Options

We understand that there are different ways that patients must be transported and procedures performed. Safety comes first, which is why we've developed a selection of side rail options, to ensure you can have the right outcome for your department's requirements.


Stretcher Accessories

While each stretcher model is designed to meet standard departmental needs, we understand that operational requirements can demand additional functionality, which is why we offer a large range of accessories.


Medical Procedure Chairs

Our specialised procedure chairs increase efficiency by controlling costs and risk through streamlined patient handling, in areas such as fast-track emergency, treatment rooms, medical clinics, aged care and as a day surgery or emergency stretcher.


Rounds Trolleys

Moving IT equipment, stationery and other essential clinical items around medical facilities is a necessity, so a functional solution is needed. Our height-adjustable trolleys are built to be light, easy to move and unobtrusive in tight spaces without sacrificing secure storage space.


Shower Bathing Trolleys

Our mobile shower trolleys are constructed for both patient safety and ease of use by allied health professionals, and feature a clean design with durable materials that are ideal for harsh environments.