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Thank you for placing your confidence in our transport chairs. They have been engineered from quality materials and hand-made with care to fulfil the requirements of the healthcare industry. Your chair will give years of trouble-free service if used and cared for in accordance with our directions.

Before using your transport chair please take the time to read our user guide carefully and familiarise yourself with the controls and operation of the unit.

It is important to assess that this equipment is suitable for your patients clinical needs.


Patient/Staff Safety

  • Patients, especially children must not be left unattended on or with a chair at any time.
  • Care must be taken in the operation of all moving parts and accessories to minimise risk of injury to staff or patients.
  • Chair must be in a safe position when patients are getting on or off the chair, with access from end only.
  • Maximum static patient load capacity on the backrest must not exceed 100kg distributed evenly or damage to the frame may occur.
  • Maximum static patient load capacity on the chair is 300kg and must not be exceeded. Weight must be distributed as evenly as possible on the chair. Any weight loading above 150kg must be wheeled on smooth, level flooring and attended by more than one staff member.
  • Only apply brakes when chair is stationary.
  • Brakes are to be fully applied during transfers and attended by qualified clinical staff.
  • Do not stand on the foot supports. Maximum load of 20kg per foot plate.
  • Ensure both foot supports are raised when a patient is entering or egressing the chair.
  • Ensure any bare skin at risk on patients is adequately protected when entering or egressing the chair.  

General Use

  • Foot supports must be raised and lowered with care to prevent possible injury to the operator or patient.
  • Check that all fingers, hands and limbs are clear before operating any function.
  • Chair must never be left on sloping surfaces unattended, even with brakes fully engaged.
  • Traversing side on, across slopes is to be avoided under any circumstances.
  • On wet or slippery flooring do not lean or apply unnecessary force against chair, as it may slide – even with brakes fully applied.
  • Clips, locks and retainers are supplied by the manufacturer for patient / staff safety and must not be removed.
  • Care must be taken if the patient uses the side boards and armrests as support while egressing – direct force must not exceed 80kg.

Electric Operation

  • All electric functions must be operated only by suitably qualified clinical staff in attendance.
  • Always recharge the chair if the low battery (orange) light is showing.
  • Only charge via a standard 240V power point. DO NOT MOVE the chair before disconnecting mains power.


  • Periodic maintenance must be done in accordance with the operator and instruction manual to ensure the safest product at all times.
  • If any faults are evident, chair should be immediately removed from service until repaired.

Steer / Brake System

To steer the chair

The centre powered drive wheel assists steering. The chair will turn evenly left or right pivoting around this wheel.

To brake when parked

Press one of the corner RED pedals down fully to activate all four castor brakes. Press the opposite GREEN pedal back to the horizontal (neutral) position to disengage the brakes.

Foot Supports

When a patient is getting on the chair

Ensure the chair is positioned correctly to the patient and brakes are on. Lift both foot supports to provide safe clearance for the patient while entering. Lift one foot of the patients (or move to one side) at a time and lower each foot support accordingly.

When a patient is getting off the chair

Ensure the chair is positioned correctly to the patient and brakes are on. Lift one foot of the patients (or move to one side) at a time and lift each foot support accordingly. Lift both foot supports to provide safe clearance for the patient while leaving.

Power Assisted Drive Operation

To Turn On

  • Push power button (A). Light will flash green briefly while the system sets and then will display solid green when ready. DO NOT operate the drive handles until this is complete.
  • Ensure the brake/steer pedals are in neutral position (brakes off).
  • Push or pull on the outer handles for forward and backwards drive motion.
  • When driving, pull back (or push forward) on the handles in the opposite direction to travel, to slow down or brake quickly.
  • Press and hold left or right arrow buttons (B) for sideways movement.

To Turn Off

  • The system will auto power off after 30 seconds.
  • Alternatively press and hold power button (A) for 3 seconds.

Emergency Stop

  • Press the red emergency stop button – unit will stop operating.

To reset the Emergency Stop

  • Turn button clockwise until it pops out.
  • Press the power button (A) once and wait until the flashing green light is solid green.

System Fault

  • If the light beside the power button (A) is flashing green or orange at any time, the system will not operate. Turn the system off and on again as per directions.
  • If the light still will not display as solid green, report to management.
  • NOTE - the Drive wheel system will not function when the chair is plugged into 240V power to recharge.

Battery Charging

Mains power cable

  • The chair should always be operated while powered with a standard 240V outlet.
  • There is a battery backup to allow chair operation whilst unplugged. The number of operations per charge will vary according to the loading of the chair.
  • Do not continually run the battery to low charge as this will gradually reduce the battery life.
  • Regular charging of the battery is recommended. 

Low battery warning

  • There is a line of lights on the main control panel that shows the current battery level. These will change from green (3 lights), to yellow (1 light) and then to orange (1 light). It is advised to charge when it is changing from the yellow to orange light.
  • If the orange light is showing only, or it fades and a beep sound is heard, the chair must be placed on charge immediately.   
  • Plug unit into a 240V mains power outlet to recharge battery for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • Failure to comply with this will result in shortening of battery life.

IV Pole (option)

The optional removable IV Pole is stored separately to the chair. The removable pole can be fitted into one of the two square corner sockets at the rear of the chair seat.

To raise the IV hanger.

Lift the hanger and let go. The hanger will automatically lock into the desired height setting.

To lower the IV hanger.

Pull down on the lock body to release. Support the hanger and lower it to the desired height, letting go of the lock body to re-lock. 

Caring for this chair

Both the backrest and seat cushions can be removed for deep cleaning of the frame by loosening and removing the four retaining knobs found behind the backrest or under the chair seat section.


  • Do not hose, soak or submerge this chair. Surface clean only
  • Disinfect using institution approved procedure; ensuring the surfaces are decontaminated, free from residues and dry before use
  • Alcohol based sanitisers* or
  • With appropriate water-based residues removal, or consider
  • Quaternary ammonium compounds*

* Institution approved brands at manufacturer’s recommended concentrations.


  • CONSULT your facility contamination control plan
  • Consult care instructions for the accessories including mattress that have been supplied separately
  • Spot clean any visible soiling
  • Wipe over all surfaces with a suitable disinfectant, ensuring a suitable contact time.
  • Rinse or remove residues as merited
  • Store indoors in a clean and dry environment, protected from contamination.


  • Permanently remove any fixtures or fittings integral to the safe operation and use the chair
  • Allow fluid to contact electrical fittings, fixtures or connectors

If you suspect significant contamination, consider fogging and/or UVC exposure in conjunction with advice from MODSEL and your contamination control representative.



After each (12) twelve months of use, the chair must be checked.  


To service your chair, contact your Servicing Engineer, Distributor or Modsel on 1300 785 790.

An approved MODSEL Service Checklist can be downloaded online from this link

15 Year Warranty

We warrant in the event that:

  • Any fabricated structure failure is found within (15) fifteen years from the date of invoice due to faulty workmanship.
  • A part or parts of plastic not covered by the above warranty, are found within (5) five years from the date of invoice to have a structural defect.
  • All electric parts not covered by the above warranty are found to have a manufacturing defect within (2) two years from the date of invoice.
  • The chair mattress not covered by the above warranty, is found within (2) two years from the date of invoice to have defect. This includes faulty cover material, faulty seam welding and foam failure.
  • Any externally supplied moving parts including springs, castors, struts, pivots etc not covered by the above warranty, are subject to third party warranties or found within (1) one year from the date of invoice to have a structural defect.
  • Removable/ rechargeable batteries not covered by the above warranty are found to have a manufacturing defect within (3) three months from the date of invoice.
  • The purchaser, within (14) fourteen days of discovery of the defect or defects gives written notice to Modsel or their distributor or agent, and:

The defect or defects are not due to:

  • Cosmetic issues such as fading, crazing, discoloration.
  • Lack of maintenance as per minimum requirements.
  • Vandalism, negligence, abuse, accidents, improper installation or normal wear and tear.
  • Products tampered with or altered, modified or repaired by anyone when not approved by Modsel.
  • Conditions such as close proximity to salt, extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Non-adherence to cleaning and care instructions.
  • Permeation of fluid substances into foam.
  • Incorrect usage of electric parts as per the operating directions.

Modsel will:

At our option, repair or replace the part or parts found within our reasonable judgement to have been defective in workmanship or materials. Should your chair ever require attention due to a failure as defined under the warranty above, please contact Modsel or your local distributor from whom your chair was originally purchased.

Manufacturing Records


Manufactured by Modsel Pty Ltd,

54 - 56 Industrial Ave, Maryborough, QLD, 4650, Australia.

Contact +61 1300 785 790


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