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Thank you for placing your confidence in our rounds trolleys. They have been engineered from quality materials and hand-made with care to fulfil the requirements of the healthcare industry. Your trolley will give years of trouble-free service if used and cared for in accordance with our directions.

Before using your rounds trolley please take the time to read our user guide carefully and familiarise yourself with the controls and operation of the unit.

It is important to assess that this equipment is suitable for your patients clinical needs.


Modsel offers a range of rounds trolleys designed for a wide variety of facility types and departmental use.

 Warnings & Safe Operation

These instructions must be read and understood by all personnel who will use our products.

Patient/Staff Safety

  • Patients, especially children must not be left unattended on or with a trolley at any time.
  • Care must be taken in the operation of all moving parts and accessories to minimise risk of injury to staff or patients.
  • Trolley top must be in the optimum position for each carer.
  • Maximum static load capacity on the trolley is 10kg depending on the model type and must not be exceeded.
  • Any weight must be distributed as evenly as possible on trolley top.
  • Clips, locks or retainers are supplied by the manufacturer for patient / staff safety and must not be removed.
  • Only apply brakes when the trolley is stationary.

Raising and Lowering

  • The trolley top will raise when the height adjustment lever is released.
  • Grip the trolley top firmly with both hands when adjusting the height.
  • Do not allow the top to raise quickly.
  • Always keep your back straight.
  • Stand close and maintain control of the trolley.

General Use

  • Trolley must never be left on sloping surfaces unattended, even with brakes fully engaged.
  • Only wheel on smooth, level flooring. Traversing side on, across slopes is to be avoided under any circumstances.
  • On wet or slippery flooring do not lean or apply unnecessary force against trolley, as it may slide; even with brakes fully applied.
  • Always use both hands when moving the trolley.
  • Always move the trolley at the lowest practical height.
  • Never PUSH the trolley over floor obstructions.
  • Always PULL carefully over floor obstructions.
  • Do not run or move quickly with the trolley.
  • Do not lean or sit on the trolley top.


  • Periodic maintenance must be done in accordance with the user guide to ensure the safest product at all times and meet warranty requirements.
  • If any faults are evident, the rounds trolley should be immediately removed from service until repaired.


Item list

  • Top shelf unit
  • Base with Castors
  • Main lifting column
  • 2 - M5 x 12 Bolts (for securing the release lever)
  • 1 - M8 x 90 Bolt, 2 - M8 washer (securing column to base)
  • 3 - M6 x 16 Bolts, 3 - M6 Nyloc nuts (securing shelf onto top of column)

Tools Required

  • 10 and 13mm ring spanners
  • 3 and 4mm Allen keys
  • Medium strength thread locker (ie. Loctite 243)

Step 1 - Stand the column upside down and place base onto it as per image (right). Secure using the M8 bolt with the 2 washers (critical spacers) as well as thread locker on the bolt. The orientation of the base must be set while doing this, one of the legs must be pointing directly opposite where the release cable comes out of the top of the column, see image.

Step 2 - Turn the unit up the right way and place the top shelf onto it, the release cable needs to be pointing directly out to the back of the top shelf. Secure the top using the 3 x M6 bolts & nuts.

Step 3 - Peel the covering off the double sided tape on the release lever and fasten under the back right hand edge of the shelf, using the 2 x M5 bolts.


Cleaning is always a concern. It must happen to control infection and cross contamination, however ongoing changes in technology and supply can affect the life of vital supporting equipment.

We continue to develop our products and use materials or coatings that will withstand the tough and aggressive chemicals used in present cleaning programs. Our ranges of Modsel rounds trolleys have been carefully designed with the ease of cleaning, safety and longevity in mind.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Nonphenolic disinfectants are recommended in a diluted solution.
  • Use all wipes, detergents and disinfectants according to the manufacturers specifications.
  • Treat specific stains promptly to ensure complete removal, wipe stain from ‘outside in’ to avoid spreading.
  • With difficult mattress stains, use a mild proprietary vinyl cleaner.
  • Machine washing and autoclaving is not recommended.
  • DO NOT tumble dry, use phenolic disinfectants, abrasive no aqueous cleaners, steel wool or non-proprietary cleaners containing solvents.


Wipe off cleaning product residue with a clean, soft cloth and rinse with fresh warm water immediately after use. If particular cleaner/disinfectant is not listed we advise to test the particular surface disinfectant in advance or to contact us in case of any doubts.


Some parts of a rounds trolley such as castors and struts are subject to heavy daily use and will gradually wear. Periodic maintenance will increase the life of your product by controlling the speed of wear.

After each (12) twelve months of use, the trolley must be checked in accordance with our recommended Service Checklist.  


To service your trolley, contact your Servicing Engineer, Distributor or Modsel on 1300 785 790.

15 Year Warranty

We warrant in the event that:

  • Any fabricated structure failure is found within (15) fifteen years from the date of invoice due to faulty workmanship.
  • A part or parts of plastic not covered by the above warranty, are found within (5) five years from the date of invoice to have a structural defect.
  • Any externally supplied moving parts including springs, castors, hydraulic rams, struts, levers etc not covered by the above warranty, are subject to third party warranties or found within (1) one year from the date of invoice to have a structural defect.
  • The purchaser, within (14) fourteen days of discovery of the defect or defects gives written notice to Modsel or their distributor or agent, and:

The defect or defects are not due to:

  • Cosmetic issues such as fading, crazing, discoloration.
  • Lack of maintenance as per minimum requirements.
  • Vandalism, negligence, abuse, accidents, improper installation or normal wear and tear.
  • Products tampered with or altered, modified or repaired by anyone when not approved by Modsel.
  • Conditions such as close proximity to salt, extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Non-adherence to cleaning and care instructions.
  • Permeation of fluid substances into foam.
  • Incorrect usage of electric parts as per the operating directions.

Modsel will:

At our option, repair or replace the part or parts found within our reasonable judgement to have been defective in workmanship or materials. Should your trolley ever require attention due to a failure as defined under the warranty above, please contact Modsel or your local distributor from whom your trolley was originally purchased.

Manufacturing Records


Manufactured by Modsel Pty Ltd,

54 - 56 Industrial Ave, Maryborough, QLD, 4650, Australia.

Contact +61 1300 785 790



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