What is the best size for a procedure chair?

With such a large variety of facility sizes, styles and departments globally, procedure chair sizing is important to get right, for everyone's sake.

So then how do you know what size is best for your facility?

The best size procedure chair for your facility is determined when it can perform at its optimal level delivering everything it needs to in its working environment efficiently.

So, with that being said this article has some potential suggestions for specific facilities and is only a recommendation, the decision is always yours!

What is the standard size of a procedure chair?

Usually, a procedure or treatment chair is approximately 1800mm long (lying flat) or 1100mm (sitting upright) x 700mm wide overall. This sizing works well to support the average patient build, allows easy access for medical staff in critical situations or procedure work and also easier to maneuver in confined work spaces and corridors. 

Older facilities may have standard sized doorways, narrow hallways, undersized personnel lifts and flooring issues. Small private clinics and medical centers may need to fit chairs through very tight spaces. New and larger facilities may have high patient flow and require patient transport products to pass each other comfortably in hallways or fit into confined work spaces. 

Can wider sizing help? 

A standard sized procedure chair may be required for best access to the patient in certain surgical procedures or for better maneuverability. A wider chair can be found up to 900mm overall and often used in new departments where adequate operating space has been designed. Obviously, as the size of a chair is increased overall, the ability to maneuver it as effectively diminishes accordingly. Depending on the organisation type, sometimes just a couple of wider chairs are included in the fleet to accommodate for patients of size when they arrive from time to time. In some regions where the prevailing race may typically be of a larger build, wider procedure chairs may be standardised to assist in providing the best level of comfort and care.

Sizing for Bariatric care? 

Some facilities specialize in the care of Bariatric patients. For this, purpose-built transport chairs may increase to sizes up to 1000mm wide overall. At this size easy movement becomes much more of a challenge, requiring wide doorways, hallways and open space. As Bariatric products are built stronger with reinforced framework, the extra size and weight may require extra staff or power drive assistance to safely move and maneuver the unit.

At the end of the day, the piece of equipment that is going to deliver the results you need can be customised to suit them down to the very last bolt. It’s important that no matter the manufacturer chosen, you should ensure that you are given the support and guidance you need.

Do you still have more questions about procedure chairs?

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