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Sunday, 31 October, 2021

What are your experiences with modern bariatric surgery?

Bariatric procedures have come a long way in the last 20 years and for that same amount of time we have been watching, listening, and exploring new ways to improve patient transport and procedure care in this area! Bariatric procedures are mostly now just as safe as many other common medical procedures.

When caring for bariatric patients there will always be a level of concern from the patient and carer regarding safety and risk- this is to be expected. So, how do we then ensure that the best medical care is being practiced? Well, by putting our brains together with like-minded healthcare professionals we have specifically designed our range of Bariatric products to cater adequately for larger and heavier patients. Our design team have focused on larger, reinforced frameworks, electronics with increased weight capacity and specialised systems such as patient weigh scales and powered-drive options. The outcome has proven itself time and time again in reducing manual handling risks and improving patient comfort and reinstating a sense of security for your patients! The newest design in our Bariatric range is the Contour Energy- this chair offers a whole new level of patient comfort during the transport stage:

  • With 4-way power drive and intuitive sideways drive for easy manovrubility
  • Excellent 300kg weight capacity
  • Thick cushion base with quality layered foam and easily remove the seat and back cushions for cleaning
  • Strong padded armrests with no protrusions
  • Add a range of accessories such as IV Poles and oxy holders that fit easily into sockets

So, if the workload in nursing is going to improve at the rate that it needs to, we can then assume that having the right products for the job can assist in making your nursing easier. Have confidence in the equipment that your patients are utilising and be assured that their safety and comfort has always been considered with the upmost priority.

This is who we are, and we are here to help.
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