What makes knowledge important in nursing?

Friday, 22 May, 2020

Does a medical equipment supplier have to be a specialist? We think it helps. For 20 years, we have been watching, listening and exploring new ways to improve patient transport and procedure care. This ‘laser-like’ focus gives us an advantage in knowing what nurses need to make their jobs easier...

Let’s face it, we could have gone anywhere with our product offering over the past years with a factory full of machinery and a super enthusiastic team of inventors and fabricators!

However, we chose to stick with a refined range and know it inside out, the only real way that nurses can be confident they are working with a specialist that cares 100% for their cause. The other option is to go down a pathway of lower cost or imported lines – almost a guarantee that the equipment becomes a little ‘one size fits all’ and won’t ever satisfy your teams expectations entirely.

If the workload in nursing is going to improve at the pace it needs to, it will be by where the specialists are, by the ones prepared to react the fastest, make the boldest moves, by those who put their entire heart and soul into making that difference.

That is us.
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