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Our products are listed in both Private and Public Hospital supply contracts across all States and Territories of Australia as well as in the international market.

We have worked for many years both directly and in-directly with State Governments and large, well-known Private Healthcare groups. Our experience ranges from single items into individual departments to complete fit outs of new hospital builds.

We manufacture and distribute our Shower Trolleys to the national Aged Care facilities. As a growing sector in many markets around the world, it is important that we continuously find better ways to show support and care of our most fragile and vulnerable in the community.

Modsel also supports many private clinics throughout Australia and continues to supply a range of specialised medical equipment to practices such as Day Surgery, Radiology, ENT, Plastics and Oncology. 

Where some of our equipment is;

  • Royal Brisbane Hospital
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Cabrini Private Hospital
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Royal Perth Hospital
  • Christchurch Hospital
  • New York University Hospital
  • Cura Group
  • Icon Cancer Care
  • Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

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